OWLER, INC., 2012-2018
VP of Design & User Experience  |  Community growth from 1,000 to 1,000,000 active users in 2 years

At this startup I wore a lot of hats: executive team member and strategic leader; hands-on product designer of SaaS product (mobile, tablet, desktop, and email products); art director of marketing and sales advertising and collateral; leader of 4 front-end engineers and 2 direct visual designer reports; customer service support lead; user researcher and user-tester; and the dog-walker.

Shown on the right is the user's dashboard, their home for managing their followed companies which would power their daily email of news, called the Daily Snapshot. Contact me about an in-depth case study on how we targeted levers to drive growth.

I was the product/interaction/visual designer on everything you see on this page.

This series of web and mobile screens are designs of the company profile where users could do a deep dive into specific company research including news, competitor sets, funding, CEO, HQ info, revenue estimates — about 100 pieces of content that was all editable by the crowdsourced community. Keeping data interactions contextual and easy to find helped drive huge amounts of data contributions, from 100 to over 10,000 per day, driving our company valuation.

Company profile editing was a large engineering effort and I experimented with several iterations of this and, as with everything I designed, kept it light, fun, and engaging.

The mobile native app went through dozens of design experiments to maximize survey and data collection engagement. The branding here is circa 2016. One of my design tenets around the idea that Owler was a living, breathing source of information put motion design, robust data presentation, and speed as a core component of my designs.

I worked very closely with the Marketing team on innovative SEO efforts, including the automation of focused microsites which provided a ton of user value and drove even more traffic to Owler.

Our crowdsourced data soon became noteworthy on its own, and allowed me to get creative with interesting infographics posted on social media for which we received a lot of press.

The cornerstone of Owler and the hook that drove exponential growth was this daily email, customized and sent to hundreds of thousands of our members everyday. I made continual design improvements over multiple years and we eventually started white-labelling it and selling advertising space on it, seen on the right.

Ask me for a case study on how we drove our MAUs from 1,000 to 1,000,000 and data collection numbers from 100/day to 10,000/day with focus, experimentation, metrics, and speed.