Sr. Manager of User Experience  |  Scaled UX team by 1,000%

At Blue Shield of California I drove visionary, strategic alignment and championed a user-centered design operating model with product, engineering, innovation teams, and marketing, leading to a 42 point jump in our NPS score in 1 year and a 50% jump in our internal Digital Satisfaction score.

On the right you're looking at the current website which has had moderate changes in the last couple of years. My team has been driving a new visual design for our digital properties which you'll see below.

Ask me for a case study of this entire process and how I championed design improvements while building up the team (both morale and headcount).

I managed the UX efforts on a $100MM diverse product portfolio of transactional Member (B2C) and Provider (B2B) interfaces, including white-labeled and co-branded experiences with CVS, TeleDoc, Heal, MobileHealth, Livongo, and more.

I built Blue Shield of California's first UX Research practice. In addition to card sorting, the team performs all moderated and unmoderated user testing, competitive analysis, persona work, cognitive and heuristic evaluations, etc. The efforts and recommendations coming out of this team have helped the Digital Product team approach to every project with confidence they didn't have prior.

I also ran design thinking workshops and brought in outside speakers to help the entire digital organization learn more about new, innovative ways to approach product design (like 'Jobs to Be Done') and the software development lifecycle.

I developed this journey map for one of our insurance products to help our Product team develop better user-centered design thinking.

Ask me for a walk-through of this longitudinal health records project. My UX team has driven the research, content, and design of this project through extensive prototyping and incredibly fast progress towards product/market fit.

Please ask me about the case study on this revamped Medicare experience. Early data is showing CTRs to the Medicare enrollment flow doubling as a result of our efforts.

I oversaw the strategy and execution on an entirely rebuilt design system. I involved engineering early on for optimal adoption and it has greatly sped up development efforts.

I empowered our designers to push the envelope and reimagine what was possible with both our internal teams and external vendors we frequently worked with. Ask me for a case study of this project.

I earned a Manager Quality Index score of 96% (anonymous rating from directs), 8 pts over the company average.

"GreggŐs strength lies in strategic alignment. He has an innate ability to provide and tie in company/team goals with individual assignments, ensuring each designer was matched and would be successful - making a win/win for everyone.

When presented with obstacles, Gregg remains cheerful and powers through, he treats all employees as people and has a deep and thorough understanding of visual and UX design that you donŐt often see in leadership.

Gregg leads by example and inspires greatness — anyone who has the pleasure of working with him will benefit. Plus, heŐs hilarious which is always a bonus."

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