PLATFORM360, 2002-2003
Co-Founder & President  |  Engineered custom content management system

I co-founded and successfully ran this profitable interactive strategy and technology agency with 10+ clients. I designed and we built web application development tools including a proprietary content management system and intensive data-driven/actionscripted Flash-based tools.

To the right is our first iteration of the CMS built for photographer Mark Thayer, allowing him to quickly update his website without any coding. This was way before Wordpress and Flickr...

This work for ESPN was done in conjunction with the irreverent and talented designers at Fort Franklin Interactive. They tapped us to do the intensive Flash programming behind this NHL Stanley Cup microsite with it's five distinct games. The screen on the right is an 'E-Gloat' card where you select your favorite team jersey, put a different jersey on the goalie, and send the resulting animation of you scoring on him easily with a puck, fish, and other odd objects to your friend along with some smack talk. The project was a huge success and led to more work from ESPN to Fort Franklin.

Flash demo site for Momento Security (via Monderer Design)

Flash website for Phillips Design Group with intensive actionscript to mathematically code inertia and momentum to decrease file size and make it easier to swap out the sprites .