QUANTCAST, 2021-2022
Head of User Experience  |  Scaled UX team by 300% in less than year

At Quantcast I advanced the team's UX Maturity level by building a robust design system and drove user-centered design principles with product, engineering, and C-Level executives.

In addition to rapidly and effectively scaling and aligning our product designers with our product management team, I established and hired a new UX Research team within our group, and promoted/hired two senior level managers who I mentored and coached. I prioritized consistency and continual improvements to our aestheic including an overhaul of our chart and graph library, an updated navigation system, and stylistic and architectural changes to our highly-regarded, complex Advertising platform.

Top right is a screen from one of the most commonly used area of our self-serve Platform, the Ads Manager tool, which allows Advertisers to programmatically advertise on the open-internet within just a few minutes.

To the right, once an advertiser has their campaigns running, there are hundreds of data points to set, keep track of, and tweak, such as ad impressions, budget, or what sites to run ads on or avoid. We also designed new features from scratch, like tools such as Brand-Lift Live, which helps track market recognition of ads real-time, to help advertisers adjust creative messaging or spend their budget more effectively.

During my tenure, by continually listening to and observing the behavior of our users and constantly improving the overall experience, the daily spend on the Platform increased by 5x.

We spent several intense sprints updating the administrative capabilities of the Platform, to enable Advertising Agencies of all sizes to customize the Platform to accomodate edge cases like transparent fee structures and more robust permissioning.

The UX group also drove several initiatives, including a revamp of the landing page of the platform into a dynamic dashboard shown here, to make it more engaging, actionable, and timely.

Here is a typical design exploration that our product designers would bring to our weekly, collaborative design critique meetings that I led.

To the right are future state wireframe mockups created within two weeks of a major business pivot that I strategized with the ELT on — and communicated down to the UX team to drive these new workflows.

Strategy documents I created to align and promote the UX function with Engineering, Product, and broader org; and provide our team with north star expectations and clearly defined goals.

I earned a Manager Engagement Index score of 94% (anonymous rating from directs), 30 pts over the company average. You might notice familiar faces from my time at Blue Shield. No concidence...a few followed me to Quantcast.

Product leadership agreed:

"Gregg is one of the best Product Design leaders I've had the privilege of working with. He is extremely knowledgable, takes time to learn about the customer problems, and has always been invaluable to the Product org. Beyond that, he built up a world class design team extremely quickly and was well respected by everyone on his team. He is a leader, a team player, and I truly hope I have the opportunity to work with him again in the future."

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